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Piapro Studio for NT was first released with Hatsune Miku NT.



Release notesEdit

"This high quality voice library was made by using a newly developed resysnthesis technology. All voice segments are tuned through analyzing consonants and vowels in order to avoid any disruption. In addition, the voice layer is variable, which allow users to cotrol the acccent very vividly. "

"Advanced “Piapro Studio” is available in two versions, as either a plug-in or a standalone software to accommodate various music production styles. You can generate natural singing sounds by choosing styles while entering melody and lyrics. Graphic displays of the directly-editable pitch curve and voice waveform allow for intuitive operation. Various parameters and effects can be controled in real time while making Miku sing. "


Voice Drive

"The effect which controls the trembling component of the voice and adjusts the strength/nuance of the voice. To express rattle and death growl voices is even possible by applying the presets."

Voice Voltage

"This effect controls the tone and strength / weakness of voice and creates dynamic voice intonation."

Super Formant Shifter

"This effect intelligently changes voice quality while maintaining the identity of the original voice. The effect can modulate voices to be more feminine or child-like."

"Singing voice technology which has been researched and developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), is used as part of the basic technology of "Hatsune Miku NT". "



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