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About me: Avid VOCALOID/vocal synth fan since 2014, waiting for Piapro Studio NT English vocals. I went through a Len phase for a short amount of time (2014-15). Now I am more interested in the software than the characters, merchandise etc.

On the Wiki, I add missing information and code. I like designing pages and am currently learning JavaScript. I may not be here 24/7, but if you have questions, I will answer as soon as I can.

Looking for solfege files to help contrubite to the wiki's audio demo library? The files can be found here.

CRYPTONLOIDS: My personal list:

1. Megurine Luka 2. KAITO 3. MEIKO 4. Hatsune Miku 5. Kagamine Len 6. Kagamine Rin

My piapro Family:


Other synth products I own listed here: VOCALOID products, DeepVocal voices


Update Miku's page to reflect Hatsune Miku NT. Add details to page for Piapro Studio for NT. Links to get the job done: Hatsune Miku NT Sonicwire, Piapro/Miku blog post, Miku (Japanese) Twitter.

TO DO: (boy this sure is a lot)

Article not to transfer:

  • Pages involving the Vocaloid software. Magical Mirai that features Vocaloid songs
  • Songs/Merch that solely use Vocaloid. Project Diva pages (until they become solely PS)

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