• Rilena

    Please note, as head-canons, this information is not official. These are my own assumptions about Crypton Future Media’s (abbreviated as CFM) synth vocals, and what their personalities would be like. I may reference canon information, mostly revolving around software development, in my head-canons. What I wrote does not reflect my opinions on CFM.

    My inspiration for these head-canons came from Miku's initial concept as an android pop star in a world where songs are gone.

    Fictional Background Story: In the year 2004, CFM realized in the year 20XX, all music streaming services will be demolished by an unknown force. Therefore, they began to develop VOCALOID vocals for Yamaha, hoping to one day bring these characters into reality to live as and…

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  • Rilena

    Piapro Solfège Files

    December 28, 2019 by Rilena

    These files are .ppsf files. These files are converted versions of MeerkatQueen's VSQx files.

    Link to download solfege files here

    DO NOT under any circumstances use these files in POCALOID, or any pirated/illegal versions of Piapro Studio. This includes so-called free versions of the software labeled as "free edition" or "shareware version." Trial versions of legitimate software and voices are acceptable uses as long as the trial version originates from the company's official distribution website (an example would be SONICWIRE.) It is recommended to upload audio files to the wiki in .ogg format, as it is smaller than both .mp3 and .wav formats.

    If you cannot export .ogg files, there is a website called Convertio you can use to convert most aud…

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